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Book prizes and Twitter clues!

Wow! I’m back from the New England SCBWI contest and I’m exhausted, excited, and inspired.

I searched the bookstore and picked out two books to give away for the solve-the-mystery contest! (It was so hard because I wanted to help promote all of the NE authors! And all the books looked good!)

Here’s the book prize for solving the mystery! (If more than one person solves it, I’ll go to a raffle. If no one can solve it then the solution that seems the closest will win!)

Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith (You know, the one that hosts the famous Cynsations blog!)

And the next book prize goes to a random winner!

Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies  by Erin Dionne

Cynthia even interviewed Erin Dionne on her Cynsations blog!

Here is the post from Friday with links to all the mystery posts.

Below I’m going to reveal the Twitter clues from last week. I’m extending the context until tonight. I will reveal the solution and the winner tomorrow!

Monday’s tweets:

  • To this day, Agent Chloe refuses to eat celery sticks.
  • Agent Chloe loves horseradish mustard.
  • Agent Chloe got her new haircut at an uptown salon.
  • Barfy Bobby had the gall to ask Agent Chloe to the senior prom.
  • Barfy Bobby searched for ways to control his bushy hair.

Tuesday’s tweets:

  • Agent Chloe almost became a Creative Memories Consultant
  • When stressed, Agent Chloe watches old James Bond flicks.
  • Agents on their first job have a mentor keeping a close eye.

Wednesday’s tweets:

  • Agent Zelda got her hair cut at an uptown salon.
  • Agent Zelda relaxes to John Green vlogs.
  • A favorite uncle used to take Agent Zelda on motorcycle rides.
  • Agent Chloe and Agent Zelda have identical haircuts.

Thursday’s tweets:

  • Agent Zelda is addicted to Ebay.
  • Agent Zelda knew nothing about the threats on her life from a peeved writer.
  • Agent Zelda refuses to eat salad in public.

Friday’s tweets:

  • While stalking vending machines, Agent Chloe gained 5 lbs.
  • The man in black looks nothing like John Locke.
  • Agent Chloe found black fuzz on the heel of her stiletto.

If you don’t win this contest, I picked out a few other great books and my first arc (woohoo) for a later contest. Stay tuned! Please post your solutions on this post. If you already posted last Friday – you’re still in the running!

Good luck!

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