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Number one reason to memorize your pitch.

First, I’m sure you’re all dying to know whether I wore my daughter’s white lace headband over the weekend.

I didn’t. Even though she begrudgingly granted me permission to wear it. Plain and simple it didn’t look right on me. #nowthatwegotthatoutoftheway

What I will never forget from New England SCBWI:

  • Cheering for Kris Asselin’s nonfiction published books during the Books Published This Year slideshow.
  • Spending time with my crit partners: Kris, Jen, and Ansha.
  • Hanging with Heather Kelly from Edited to Within an Inch of My Life.
  • Meeting blogger and writer Alicia Gregoire even though she looked totally different in person. #lovetomeetfellowbloggers  #she’sreallynice
  • The worst stomachache I’ve ever had because of my complete nervous freak out before my query critique with the Incredibly Nice Agent. I couldn’t eat dinner and it didn’t go away until the next day. #i’msoprofessional
  • The incredible spot-on critiques I received on my query and first ten pages.
  • The Starbucks coffee.  #wishicouldblameitformystomachache

My top two moments:

1. By Sunday morning my brain was fried and my words weren’t exactly matching my thoughts. Over coffee, Alicia and I were talking about kidlit courses in college. I mentioned one of my favorite books. And this is what I said:

Where the Red Fern Groans.  #noidon’twriteerotica  #iswear

2. My impromptu verbal pitch with Incredibly Nice Agent.

Joyce thought she was being real cute and invited Incredibly Nice Agent over to talk with a group of writers.  #iwantedtorun

Five seconds into the conversation, she asked if he was up for a verbal pitch from all of us.  My stomachache returned immediately!

While I waited for my turn, my heart almost pounded through my chest. I think it echoed throughout the lobby. I panicked trying to remember my first line. Even though I was terrified, I did it.

Even though we all threw Joyce our death stares, we all agreed it turned out to be an amazing opportunity to practice our pitches with an incredibly gracious agent, who was put on the spot. Thank you Joyce and Incredibly Nice Agent.

Always memorize your pitch!

What’s your best, worst, or funniest conference memory?

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