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A rather much needed break from talking about crap.

I wanted to share something that was refreshing to my soul. And, um, this might have something to do with writing, or it might not.

So, kids today don’t play outside as much. They have short attention spans. All they want to do is play video games. Due to video games, they just want to watch violent movies. And forget sitting through an older movie that has dialogue with no blow ’em up scenes. And taking that one step further, forget the classic books with small print and rambling prose. They’ll never read it.

Well, take hope. I got out an old Disney movie from the libary. That Darn Cat. To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure if my kids would sit through it. After all, it doesn’t have any computer animation, special effects, or jokes about farting.

They sat through the whole movie, spell bound. It was filled with mystery. Humor. Suspense. Great clues. A hint of romance. Serious characters. Goofy characters. Serious moments. Funny moments.

Overall, I was encouraged.

Okay, and now, how that applies to writing. All those elements I listed up above – try and include those in your story. (Instead of crap.) (I just had to fit that in somehow.)

And I think I’m supposed to end my post with a questions. So, what’s your favorite old and classic Disney movie? I loved Herbie.

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