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WARNING: Changes in publishing industry may cause whiplash.

I am absolutely fascinated with the changes happening monthly. The contradictory articles and posts written by people within the same industry are extremely informative. And interesting.

Here are just some of the issues causing my head to spin:

  • Agent vs no agent.
  • Traditional publishing vs self or e-publishing.
  • Agents helping their clients self publish. Is it a conflict of interest? Or not?
  • Big publishers not being honest about ebook sales. (Yikes!)
  • Publishers not giving authors a big enough percent on ebook sales.
  • Do the work on your own to epublish or pay someone else?
  • Is traditional publishing dying a slow and painful death? Or not?
  • Write fast vs write slow. Which is it?
  • Should writers be discouraged or encouraged?

No one has all the answers. Each month the industry changes. No one seems to be totally right or totally wrong. And I think it’s awesome.

I have come to one solid truth. Only you can decide what is right for your career. But whatever you decide. DO THE RESEARCH. Know your options.

As a writer, I feel like I’m in the middle of a revolution. The opportunities have never been better. I don’t know my path yet. I’m not fully decided. That’s why I’m doing the research. Every Wednesday, I’m going to provide one of the following: links, a response to a blog post, a thought provoking question, or an Indy book review. Something that pertains to this publishing revolution. And it’s relevant to all writers whether you have an agent or not and whether you are published or not.

Here’s one article to get us started. It’s about self publishing being the new midlist. You might have read it.

Have you been paying attention? What do you think?  *hands out warm compress*

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