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What makes a novel one from the heart? To Ride a Puca.

I hear this phrase often: the novel from the heart. We all have one. Maybe we’ve written it. Maybe we haven’t. Maybe we’re holding off until we feel up to the challenge. When fellow Indelible, Heather McCorkle talked about her novel from the heart – I wanted to know more!


Could you tell us about your book in one sentence?  

The last of the druids in ancient Ireland face what could be their final battle for their homeland.

How is it connected to the Channeler novels?

This is a companion novel to the channeler series. Meaning, it’s a complete novel in itself. One doesn’t need to read the channeler series at all to read this book. It’s about one of the main character’s ancestors from the channeler series though so fans of it will hopefully love it.

Where did your interest in Irish mythology get started?

Fairy tales, literally! I’ve been fascinated with Irish mythology from a very young age when my parents first read me stories of fairies and leprechauns.

I’ve heard you say that To Ride a Puca is a book of the heart. Could you expand on that? Why is it so special?

It was a tough one to write because it’s very honest where history is concerned, and history often isn’t gentle. The idea for this novel started when I began to research my own Irish lineage and so it was literally born of the heart. The hardships of my ancestors bled onto the page in a very real way for me.

What’s coming up in the future for you? More Channeler novels? Or something new?

Definitely! The final novel in the channeler series will be coming out this fall, Rise of a Rector. After that, I can’t say exactly. But what I can say is that there are two more historicals in my future and some full fledged fantasy novels.

Wow, Heather. This book sounds terrific. I love knowing that someone’s novel is one from the heart. Sounds amazing.

Go to Heather’s blog to enter her giveaways!

Purchase To Ride a Puca at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

So how many of you out there have a novel from the heart written or yet to be written? Or a novel that you loved so much it became a part of your heart!


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