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CRACK the CODE @ The Bookshelf Muse

The Bookshelf Muse is celebrating over 2000 Followers and almost 1/2 million hits and they want to know…


Let’s break it down:

  • 12 generous writers.
  • A formidable steel vault packed with prizes.
  • A time locked sensor.
  • And you…with a code.

Will The Bookshelf Muse’s Prize Vault open for you?

Stop by and find out!

Here’s a HINT to help you win it: Where would you find lockers lining a hallway?

(Okay, guys. How exciting is this? Major prizes? Good thing I watched National Treasure recently. I’m ready to go!)

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More and more and more contests!

Ya gotta love chances to win free arcs and books! Here are some I’ve run across.

At A Blurred History win a signed arc of NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer! Enter quick. The random winner is drawn today!

At Roots in Myth (P.J. Hoover) win arcs of LINGER and MATCHED. Contest runs through June 16th!

At Ink in all Forms (Laura Fitzgerald) win a whole bunch of book. Contest ends June 18th.

At Market my Words win prizes all weeks from books to agent critiques.

At Lisa and Laura Write win the arc of Deception (Haunting Emma) by Lee Nichols. Contest open until June 6th.

And at Jennifer Carson’s blog enter the contest to win a handmade booknook dragon for you and your local bookstore by taking a picture of her book, TO FIND A WONDER in front of your local bookstore.

And I know I’ve missed a ton of other contests! Feel free to share links in the comments. And good luck everyone!

Here’s a couple more.

Michelle Hodkin’s blog to win great arcs! Beautiful Darkness! The Duff! Matched!

YAHighway –  Too many books and agent critiques to mention! Check it out!

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Contest! Solve a mystery for a chance to win a prize.

New England SCBWI conference is coming up. And in the spirit of all the blog posts on conference etiquette, I decided to run the other way and do something different. Like hold a contest. Original, I know. (Winner must have a mailing address in the United States.)

I had conference on the brain, and I needed a distraction from the dentist appointment casting a black shadow on my week, so I wrote a story. For fun! I wrote it for me. And I wrote it for you.

           Think detective. Think detective. Think detective.



It’s a mystery. Five parts. Posted each day of the week of May 10th.

On Friday, May 14th my story will end with a mystery for you to solve.

What? You want to know the prize? Well, at the conference, I’ll buy a book. I don’t know which one yet, because I haven’t gone to the conference. But it will probably be something I like to read – mystery, humor, paranormal.

On Monday, May 17th, I will post the solution to the mystery where everything will be explained  book prizes and twitter clues. On Tuesday the 18th, I’ll post the solution and the winners. Yay!

IMPORTANT: Through out the week, I will Twitter random facts about the characters and story that may or may not be clues. You can follow me on Twitter.  

If you want to follow my blog, and then blog or twitter about this contest that would be terrific. 

This is about having fun.

Pull out your detective hats and your magnifying glass and get ready for Monday!

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Investing time wisely – a plug for WIBIJ.

Check out W.I.B.I.J.

Jon, Tina, and Heather (takes me longer to do the links than write the whole post) wanted to find a way to introduce people to new blogs, introduce writers to other writers and, um, stuff like that.

They all host cool blogs. Tina runs unplugging writing sessions to hold people accountable and they meet up in a chat room to chat afterwards. Heather interviews other writers/authors. And Jon, well, Jon is just Jon. And he likes to visit the Blogosphere. Hence the game.

And I’m not really sure why I’m telling you all this because probably all of you reading my blog, read their blogs. And if you don’t, then you read Casey’s blog, which has spotlighted W.I.B.I.J.

And they’ve changed things up a bit. Now the race to the finish line means more than a sparkly image of a medal. It means prizes. As in book prizes and other stuff.

The next contest is Wednesday!!!!! So click on the link and check it out!

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