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Blog award time! Woohoo!

I thought that today seemed like a great day to shout out a big THANKS for some blog awards I’ve received, but also give them away to some older blog friends and some newer blog friends! So here we go. (And there is a good chance I’ve forgotten some I tried my best to keep tract but that is not my strength and yes this is a run on.)

So Thanks to Kris (and one other person but I forget) for the Lovely Blogger Award.

I’d like to present this award to:

Susan at A Walk in My Shoes
Sherrie at Write About Now


Thanks to Laura Marcella for the Wise Writer award!

And I’d like to present this award to:

Jody Hedlund (who has her first book out!)
James Killick (a kicking new blog I recently discovered)

I’d like to thank Andrea for the Circle of Friends Award!

And I’d like to give this award to:

Jennifer Hoffine at YA Audiobook Addict
Katie at Creepy Query Girl

And a final thanks to Jennifer Hoffine for the Cherry on top/Rainbow award!

And this award goes to:

Angela at The Bookshelf Muse
Julie Musil

Yeah, I have a tendency to break rules when it comes to blog awards. I think with some of them I’m supposed to share stuff about myself. So, what do you want to know? Ask away. (Or just say congrats and go visit the awesome blogs above!)



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