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It’s raining and pouring…books.

(The winner of Laura Josephsen’s book is Eileen Astel! Please email me! Congrats.)

I received the email that the books at Borders were 50-70% off. So I made one last journey and brought my kids. I had no idea what to expect.

But I was looking for some deals.

The middle grade section was completely wiped out. Completely.

Most of the YA but not all was gone. Borders had brought out a lot of warehouse books. Nothing I wanted to buy though. Lots of vampire books. I guess vampires don’t live forever after all. #finally

I did purchase two books. DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver. And WITHER by Lauren DeStefano. Honestly, even at 50% it wasn’t much cheaper than Amazon. And we wonder why bookstores are crumbling. Srsly. #not-ebooks

I also just received a shipment from Amazon. I have a major theme going. I just finished IMAGINARY GIRLS by Nova Ren Suma. And I can’t wait to read HOURGLASS by Myra McEntire. BETWEEN by Jessica Warman. And HEREAFTER by Tara Hudson.

Can you say paranormal? Ghostly? Time travel?

Yes that’s a big part of what I read and love to write. #can’thelpit

But the covers are gorgeous. The writing drew me in from page one.

And I absolutely love that I have the hard covers and they aren’t on my Kindle.

Why did I purchase those? A combination of buzz and cover love and genre. But I didn’t buy any of them until I’d read the opening pages.

How do you decide which books to buy? Any last purchases from Borders?

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Borders and my sad walk through the store.

I literally jumped for joy when I learned that the Borders closest to me (40 minutes away) would stay open. Barnes and Nobles is 50 minutes away. So I don’t have a lot of options with a big selection.

One of my favorite mom-and-daughter dates is lunch at Panera’s and then browsing in Borders, because both my daughter and I love books. We eat and chat while sipping our drinks, both excited about the next stop. We enter Borders with a spring in our step and a grin on our face, our fingers itching to pick up books and smell the pages and read the back flaps.  #iknowyoucanrelate

Except this last time was, um, er different. And we’ll go back but…not as often. There was a dramatically smaller selection of books – and more gimmicky gifts. Most of the books I wanted to buy, they didn’t carry. #verysadday

I did purchase 2 books to support bookstores. But I can’t justify spending 17 or 18 dollars on a book when I can buy it for 10 online.

What do you think? Will bookstores truly be irrelevant one day? Someday, will only lead titles and best sellers make into bookstores? At that point, what will be the difference between the self published and the traditionally published? We’ll all have to sell ourselves and our books.  #thoughtmuchaboutsocialmedia?

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