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The Contest Bandwagon – are you hoppin’ aboard?

A few months ago, blog contests happened here and there.

The contest would be part of a debut book launch. I get that. It makes sense. And I understand that when selling a book, you want to get the word out. So, I didn’t mind the list of hurdles I’d have to jump, just to enter the contest. I understand new agents wanting to draw attention to themselves by offering critiques of queries or opening pages. 

Shelli at Market My Words, and Elana Johnson, are holding separate contests, but promoting them together. They are not promoting a debut book launch, but they are doing more than offering a free book. They are helping writers. There are some incredible prizes having to do with agents. So, go check it out.

Outside of these two contests, lately, there are contests every week! And they are not for book launches. Bloggers are giving away books, maybe arcs, maybe not, and little nick-nacks.  Somewhere along the line, word got out that in order to grow your blog , a contest was the winning lottery ticket.  

My conclusion: If you are holding a contest to promote your forthcoming book or a friend’s book, or to help fellow writers, I’ll enter the contest and jump through all the million hoops that comes with it.

But, if you are holding a contest, just to promote your blog, I probably won’t enter.

 And whether you enter contests or not, remember – it still comes down to one thing when selling your book or signing with an agent.

Your writing.

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