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Everybody needs a little give and take

Okay, Lisa Gail Green said she wanted to know more about me when she so kindly passed on a blog award to me. So here goes.

1. No matter what anyone says Papa Ginos is the best pizza eva! My sister and I (in high school) could easily down a large in minutes. Yum. And to this day, my love for that pizza is probably more nostalgic than anything.  #pizzafactsarefun

2. During high school, my family went through some financial trouble and within several years we lived in several different houses. My older sister bore the brunt of that while I remained kinda clueless.  #oldersistersrock   #steakumsfordinnermeansyouain’trich

3. When I listen to stories of my dad’s childhood and some of the neglect he endured, I realize my complaints about my parents weren’t that big of a deal.  #itcanalwaysbeworse   #myparentslovemeandthatswhatcounts

4. My husband would love to go back to the days of the western frontier and build his own house and live off the land.  #Iwouldnothavefollowedhim

5. I am an extremely loyal friend until it turns into anything that resembles co-dependency.  #don’tleavemuffinsinthebackseatofmycar  #I’vebeenburned

6. My best friend and I once body surfed in these gigantic waves on the New Jersey sea coast. The riptide was also incredibly strong so riding in one wave brought us about 100 yards down the coast. Riding one wave in, we saw the wooden pilings but couldn’t stop. We screamed, “the pilings” then went under with the wave and seriously thought we would die.  #neversoscaredinmylifeunlessthere’sahornetaround

7. I loved the Black Stallion books so much I took horseback riding lessons for several years. Though when all I did at the first lesson was ride in a circle with someone leading the horse, I knew it would be a while until my arms flapped in the breeze while I rode bareback in the sand.    #reallifeisdifferentthanfiction

8. I’ve been experiencing a strange desire to scatter hashtags throughout my manuscript.   #Icrackmyselfup  #doesn’tmeanI’mfunny

So, there you go folks. And now it’s time to pass on some beautiful, stylistic, sweet bloggy awards.

To Katie at Creepy Query Girl and Karen at Musings of  a Novelista the Beautiful Blogger award.

To Anna Staniszewski, and Susan at Ink Spells the Stylish Blogger award.

To Abby Annis, and Marisa at Elegant Bloggery the Sweet Blog award.

Thanks and hugs to all my awesome blogger friends out there! Have a great weekend!  #Icanuseexclamationpointsinmyblogposts  #sothere

Okay, your turn to share a factoid along with a hashtag! Have at it.

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Blog award time! Woohoo!

I thought that today seemed like a great day to shout out a big THANKS for some blog awards I’ve received, but also give them away to some older blog friends and some newer blog friends! So here we go. (And there is a good chance I’ve forgotten some I tried my best to keep tract but that is not my strength and yes this is a run on.)

So Thanks to Kris (and one other person but I forget) for the Lovely Blogger Award.

I’d like to present this award to:

Susan at A Walk in My Shoes
Sherrie at Write About Now


Thanks to Laura Marcella for the Wise Writer award!

And I’d like to present this award to:

Jody Hedlund (who has her first book out!)
James Killick (a kicking new blog I recently discovered)

I’d like to thank Andrea for the Circle of Friends Award!

And I’d like to give this award to:

Jennifer Hoffine at YA Audiobook Addict
Katie at Creepy Query Girl

And a final thanks to Jennifer Hoffine for the Cherry on top/Rainbow award!

And this award goes to:

Angela at The Bookshelf Muse
Julie Musil

Yeah, I have a tendency to break rules when it comes to blog awards. I think with some of them I’m supposed to share stuff about myself. So, what do you want to know? Ask away. (Or just say congrats and go visit the awesome blogs above!)



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