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Books, books and more books!

A few years there were only a couple places I found books. My library at the time didn’t have an updated teen section. I’d be lucky to see a new release (I wanted) within six months of release. But I still hoped to find something new on my weekly visits. I also browsed Amazon and purchased books there or drastically on sale at a bookstore.

I didn’t read as much then either. And cost did play a role.

Jump forward a couple years later to the present.

I can’t even begin to read all the books I want to.


  • Library (Someone new started ordering books and almost all the new releases are there.)
  • Overdrive (Wow! A huge selection of books I can barely make a dent in.)
  • Amazon – Self-published books. (I can buy twice the number of books, sometimes more, and I read samples so I usually know I’ll enjoy them.)
  • Amazon – free books. (No I don’t read all of them but I test them out and often read the entire thing.)

As a reader I’m loving it. I always have a book I want to read either in my library bag or on my Kindle. And I’m falling drastically behind. And not because I don’t want to read the book or because I don’t read a lot!

How about you? Where do your books come from?

(Come back on Wednesday for my review of Anna Staniszewski’s new release!)

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‘Tis the season!

Thanks to everyone who participated, supported, tweeted, and encouraged me during the blog tour of How To Survive Ancient Spells and Crazy Kings. Big hugs for everyone. I love that story, so it’s been really neat to see it out in the world.

I have another big surprise too. (Okay, well not a total surprise.)

On December 26th and the 27th – the two days after Christmas – HTS Ancient Spells and Crazy Kings Kindle version will be FREE on Amazon.

If you’d like to read it, or if you know of any kids, nieces, nephews, or neighbors who enjoy adventure stories, then please pass on the word!

If you’d like more information on the end-of-the-world Maya prophecy then  here’s a fantastic article on it from J&P Voelkel, authors of The Jaguar Stones, who focus solely on the Maya in their books.

Hope you’ve all had a terrific year! I’ll be back in January! ((Hugs))

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