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Friday 5 – The iBook Author App and agents as publishers.

1. The iBook Author App has had me excited since it was announced. One author has already fooled around with it and loved it. And her book is on sale. Check out her thoughts on it.

2. Fortunately, I have a Mac.

3. Unfortunately, I need to upgrade to Lion. (30 dollars) (I can do that.)

4. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPad and don’t know when I will. But I have connections and when the time is right I can borrow one to preview any iBooks. But honestly? My focus right now is self publishing my first book. I’m excited to learn coding (the nerd in me). My computer teacher from high school would faint because I could not program at all. The kind boy next to me passed the class for me. But this feels different, a bit easier than C+.

So I’ll upgrade and experiment someday, it just won’t be right now. But sometimes it’s hard to shut off my brain. I’ve never been so inspired to write. (But that’s partly due to my decision to self publish too.)

5. And the ARR announced that agents as publishers is a conflict of interest! Kristin Nelson posted about it today. And in the future she will talk about her agency’s model, which has been approved!

My kids are home today because of icy roads. I’m signing off for the morning to get some writing in and them help them with at-home school work so we don’t have to make up this day at the end of the year! I’ll be visiting everyone later! Have a good one!

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Self publishing could kill your career.

Or not.

“Watch what you tweet because beginners to the industry could get very confused.”

Okay, that’s not what the tweet said exactly but it was something like that. Lydia Sharp tweeted it. I’m pretty sure she was responding to different bloggers who end up contradicting each other.

How are newbies supposed to deal with that? Never mind the rest of us. Well, I’ve just learned to ignore the extreme statements and decide on who makes more sense.

For example, many, many in-the-know people toot the importance of developing your brand early on – before the book deal.

Other prominent people say there is no such thing as brand.

Let’s explore some other contradictions.

  • You should write fast…you shouldn’t write fast.
  • The publishing industry is crumbling…the industry isn’t going anywhere.
  • You need an agent… you don’t need an agent.
  • Self publishing could kill your career…self publishing is the new query.
  • Writers must have a blog ASAP…blogs aren’t important until after a book deal.
  • Follow your heart when writing…keep in mind the market when writing.
  • Agents can be publishers…agents shouldn’t be publishers.

If I was a new writer jumping on social media and saw all the conflicting opinions my head would spin. Seriously.

Thankfully, I usually know the angle different industry people are coming from. I mean, of course, agents and editors are going to say the big publishing companies are doing great and books are selling.

Of course, successful self-publishers are going to vehemently state that writers don’t need agents and the publishing industry will crumble.

Of course.

Of course.

Of course.

What I love is when I find a blogger who cuts straight to the heart of the issue. No anger. No slamming the opposite opinion. No saying he/she is right and no one else is. Someone who isn’t trying to justify his/her position.

Let’s take the blanket statement that self publishing could kill your career if your book flops. Fear strikes your heart and immediate plans to self publish fade. If you’ve done your research, you’ll realize that just about anything could kill your career. If you get a traditional book deal and you don’t sell through your advance –guess what?


I suggest reading all the articles. Both sides. Think about the perspective of the blogger, and decide on what makes sense to you. Maybe your opinion will change over time. But don’t let all the conflicting opinions paralyze you into doing nothing.

Have you found any other conflicting opinions?

And over at Jill’s I’m answering 5 easy questions. Come say hello!

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Let’s talk: Agents as Publishers.

The purpose of these posts is not to advise writers whether to go traditional or indie. I am for writers being informed. We can’t afford to hide our heads in the publishing sands and expect to make decisions on our career.

Some facts:

  • If you keep the rights then you are self published.
  • If your agent keeps the rights then your agent is your publisher.
  • If your agent helps you self publish, do you trust him/her to always put your interests and career first?

Be informed. That’s the key.

So let’s look at what different industry professionals have to say about this. In many of these posts there are gold nuggets of info in the comments.

Mary Kole wrote about The Agent’s Role in Today’s Digital Book World at the digital book world blog.

In response, Dean Wesley Smith posted: The New World of Publishing: Agents and The Future. He expresses his concerns (and that’s putting it nicely) about Mary’s ideas.

And my response to these articles is to point you in this direction. Barry Eisler guest posted at A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. He breaks down the agent as publisher issue very logically and in a nice way. No bashing.

And here’s Agent Scott Eagan with his post: I heard agents are no longer needed.

And if you’re interested here are a few other posts:

So, that’s a lot to think about. In some of the posts, I don’t care for the bashing of the system, industry professionals, and “stupid” writers, but if you look beyond the style to the content, you’ll find valid concerns.

What do you think? If you’re not sure what you think, what are your questions?

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