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That one-two punch at the end of a story. (Plot Busters)

Okay, this is our last day to spend with this middle grade story that packs a lot of humor and heart.

Let’s talk about Act III. The ending. What some people claim to be the most important part!

Break into three: (external and internal conflict combine for the solution)

I wouldn’t say that the external and internal storylines combined here but they do later. I knew Act III started when her and her mom have a pow wow to make plans with one day left!

Finale: (the climax)

I loved the climax of this book. I’ll just say that Sherry meets the ghost one on one in a graveyard to “catch” him. The climax was everything it should be: suspenseful and emotional.

The cool emotional stuff that really sold me on this book is what made the climax though. Sherry gives the ghost some real time with his sister.

And then, she makes the biggest self sacrifice of all. She realizes that she talks to her mom on and off, where her brother doesn’t at all. So she gives up her 5 minutes that she’s been working toward and gives them to her brother! I was bawling. And honestly, it made this book rise to the top!

Final Image: (Opposite of the opening image)

In the final couple chapters, everything comes full circle. Sherry is respecting the Ruler. She’s being more accepting of her best friend’s boyfriend choices. And she has grown by giving up her real time to her brother.

Best ending ever for this story.

What worked for me?

  • Personal conflict was tied to the mystery
  • Personal motivation to solve the mystery
  • Character arc
  • Hilarious cute voice
  • Sherry became an extremely likeable character with her self-sacrifice.

Have you read any stories lately with an ending you loved and you knew you’d read the next one?

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Plot Busters – PRINCESS FOR HIRE (part 3)

Let’s see how Leavitt wraps up all the plot threads! You won’t be disappointed.

Break Into Three: (The answer is found.)

After Desi’s dark moment, she and Meredith have a heart to heart. Meredith opens up and shares her past mistakes. Turns out she made mistakes too. As a sub, she fell in love with a prince. Gasp! (My heart went out to Meredith.) We learn that Desi is not only fighting for her job, but she’s fighting to change the philosophy of the entire agency! Talk about potential impact.

Finale: (The whole reason we read the book – the climax.)

This is Desi’s final battle against the villain: the establishment of the Princess Agency and the fact that they think the subs should not make an impact. And Lilith represents this establishment. They go head to head.

Lilith presents video clips of Desi’s worst moments. She cuts Desi down to size. It looks like all is lost. No way will they advance Desi to Level Two.

Meredith arrives with the Princess Progress Reports. We finally find out if Desi’s meddling in Act II paid off. I won’t spoil the great reviews. But let’s just say that Simmy and the Amazon princess approved of Desi’s sub job! Yay!

(Drum roll.) They pass Desi onto Level Two. And they admit that maybe they need to reconsider their philosophy of not trying to make an impact on the princesses.

Final Image:

We come full circle to find Desi back with Celeste, and Hayden. She realizes she’s over Hayden, and she admits it to her friend, Kylee. She is brimming with confidence. She has made a huge impact – on Meredith, on the Princess Agency, and most of all, within herself and her own life. Remember the six flaws from Act 1? We see all of these flaws/problems fixed!

I love that the ending wraps up the outer and inner story beautifully, with enough hints to some major conflict in book 2. I’m not going to share exactly what those are – you’ll have to read Princess For Hire yourself.

And don’t forget Lindsey’s new book coming out in March. Sean Griswold’s Head. And the sequel to PFH, The Royal Treatment comes out in May.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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