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Christina Katz sends out a newsletter and maintains a blog and has written books. The book I associate with her name is, Get Known Before the Book Deal. (Um, no, I haven’t read it yet, but would like to.) She is genuinely out to help other writers. Or, at least, that’s the feeling I get from her.

Her newsletter, The prosperous Writer, is not a gimmick to get people to buy her books, and I absolutely love that. (I strongly dislike the feeling of being manipulated by a newsletter or a contest.)  Week by week, she is covering what it means to be a prosperous writer.

And up on the menu last week was, you guessed it, accountability.

I found a line in her newsletter that describes me perfectly.

“Accountable people are completion-oriented. When you are accountable, you are not perfect but seek resolutions to your own stumbling blocks.”

I have critique partners, but not because that’s the only way I’ll get that next chapter pumped out. I’ve never felt the desire to do NanoWriMo in November because I already am highly motivated.

When I haven’t moved forward in my writing, I feel this pressure bearing down on me. And if social engagements (which are a good thing), doctor appointments or snow days pile up, I can get, er, a little grumpy. I call it I-haven’t-done-enough-writing-this-week syndrome. And writing can be either revising or writing.

Now, I just wish I felt that pressure bearing down on me when I see that my closet needs reorganizing.

How do you hold yourself accountable when it comes to writing – especially if you aren’t published yet?

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