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My 2013 confessions

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My 2013 confessions:

Yeah, our Christmas tree is still up.

I’m still debating whether to watch American Idol this year or not. If it were one day a week? Sure. But for a while there it’s 3 nights. #needtowrite  #needtoread

Totally debating whether to get involved with Downtown Abbey. I also watched the first episode of The Walking Dead and was totally hooked. #decisions

I’ve been able to go down to my basement…alone without breaking out in a sweat.

I didn’t make any writing resolutions because I already had my production schedule laid out. It might change week to week but it’s there, broken down month-to-month and week-to-week for the coming month.

I received fleece-lined running pants (expensive) and I just want to wear them during the day. Sometimes I do. Do any stores sell fleece-lined yoga pants cheap?

I’ve read more self-published books this year than traditional. Mainly b/c they’re cheaper so I get more for my money. Plus, I can’t get them at my library or elibrary.

Susan Kaye Quinn tagged me in the Next Big Thing and I still haven’t written up my post. #soon #verysoon

A part of me misses the good ole days where we all blogged and wrote and celebrated when someone signed with an agent or signed a book deal. I don’t comment as much but I still read them.

My words for 2013 is Fun and Forgiveness.

Enjoy my life.

Enjoy my faith.

Enjoy my family.

Enjoy my friends.

Enjoy my writing.

Some of my other thoughts I’m saving for my first IndieLife post on the Indelibles blog this Wednesday.

You can sign up to participate too! And come back later this week for the trailer for Susan’s Mindjack series! Can’t wait. It will be epic!

What would your word be for 2013?

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