Emotion in writing (and reading)

My kids all know I’m a sap.

I read them picture books when they were younger. And there were certain ones, I just couldn’t get through without my voice cracking and tears forming. And it was because of the emotion behind the moment in the story. And all the build up leading up to that point. (The worst were books about how much a parent loves their child. I seriously can’t get through those.)

But my kids knew that about me. They knew the signs. ( heaving chest, cracking voice, pauses…) They might have gotten impatient, but they waited.

I also thought it was due to lack of sleep caring for babies and toddlers, but I still haven’t outgrown it. So, I don’t think I can blame pregnancy hormones or being tired anymore.

But my neices don’t know this about me yet. I watched them today and the oldest asked me to read to her. I said yes. (Of course.)

As I read the Lion King, I got to the point where Simba realizes his responsibility and Mufasa talks to him. And, yup. It happened. The cracking, wavering voice. I think I did a pretty good job covering it up. (I have no idea what my neice was thinking. Probably that I was sick or something.)

I also know if I need a good cry, all I have to do is watch a commercial (never mind the actual show) of America’s Home Makeover.

What books make you cry when reading to your children? Or, when reading an adult, middle grade or YA, what kind of scenes move you to tears?

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