Deadlines and Sugar Cookies

     Writers work in all different ways.

     Some writers need to have every plot point outlined. They have character charts, sketches and webs on every major and minor character. They write a plot treatment. They outline. They write out samples of dialogues and scenes in order to get a feel for their main character. They need to see to the end in order to know where they are going. They might even eat sugar cookies while they plot.

     Other writers need just a hazy view of what’s coming up ahead, if that. At the most, they might have some plot points lurking in the back of their mind. For these writers, the magic and story come as they write. If they try to write an outline, they stumble into writer’s block and the fun is gone. Maybe they would rather eat fruit cake sugar cookies while they write.

     Oh, yeah. Back to sugar cookies. Either way, a writer will hopefully at some point be under a deadline, whether it’s the revisions, the copyedits, or the sequel. 

     I had a deadline. A sugar cookie one. 

     My son had a secret santa party last week. He had to bring in a homemade gift. I thought I had until Wednesday, but on Monday, I found out it was due on Tuesday.

     I panicked. 

     He had made nothing. Or I should say, I hadn’t planned out a cute gift that he could make from cheap craft supplies that wouldn’t fall apart before the child made it home. (Teachers, I would much rather buy a 3-5 dollar gift.)

    So after my failed biscotti venture, I needed a boost in my cooking confidence. I needed a homemade gift for my son. I needed to bake sugar cookies and decorate them with my children. Because all good moms make Christmas Cookies. Right? 

     I’ve only ever had self-imposed deadlines when it comes to my writing. But I’ve learned that when it comes to sugar cookies, I definitely work best with a deadline. And not a self-imposed one.

     How did it all turn out? The decorated Christmas trees, bells, and stars were a smash hit. 

Look away if you are a super mom and make twenty different colors of frosting for your cookies.

    (And I don’t think it mattered that I used Betty Crocker’s vanilla frosting on all the cookies – even the trees.)

2 Responses to Deadlines and Sugar Cookies

  1. Susan Pauling January 2, 2010 at 12:19 am #

    I always use Betty’s frosting…it tastes better than that home-made stuff anyways (this is what I tell myself).

  2. Laura Pauling January 2, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    Good, I’m not the only one. The real stuff does taste better though.

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