Christmas Morn

    Christmas Morn

     The smell of pine. The soft glow of lights on the tree. A kitchen, still and quiet, waiting for the kids to wake. (which I’m sure will be soon and then watch out)

     Half-eaten cookies on a plate. A glass half empty. (must be half-full because it’s Christmas morn) Crisply wrapped presents. (except for mine because I use too much paper and the paper is all crinkly at the corners)

     Streaks of a winter dawn in the window. (smeared by my kids’ breaths and fingerprints) A mug of hot coffee warms my hands. Steam rises in the air in curly q wisps. A thankful thought and prayer for our Savior’s birth. (even though he was born in spring) 

     Footsteps thunder overhead. The peaceful moment of Christmas morn is fleeting. Children shrieking. People laughing. Cameras clicking. Paper flying.

     Christmas morn-oh, what a joy.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the holidays!

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