Blogging Adventures Part 3

          After a busy day of church, Christmas shopping and then

watching my hubbie snowblow in the rain (If you

don’t quick snowblow after snow turns to rain,

you’ll spend hours chipping away at layers of

solid ice for the rest of the winter and spring),

I’m not adventurous enough today

to try something like a link.  It’s kind of a scary

thought even though my computer genius

brother showed me how – several times. So one

day I’m going to link to his blog and hopefully

I won’t have to email him to fix what I’ve messed up.

           I do want to pass on some wisdom when it comes

to starting a blog. One, nothing is ever really for

free. Don’t spend hours looking at all the different

free themes out there and then find one you love.

Because, really, there are only certain templates

that are truly free.

          So now, my computer genius brother is taking

time out of his schedule to customize a blog for me.

A simple but elegant blog that reflects me and my

writing.  Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with

simple templates because really it’s the writing

and content that matters. (But if that were really

true then book covers wouldn’t be such a big deal


          So that is my tiny bit of wisdom that I am casting

out into cyber space; so hopefully, I will save

someone the time of searching the internet, looking

at themes.

           Because we’d all much rather be writing.

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