Blogging adventures Part 2

I have a slow learning curve, but once I get it, I’m

usually okay on my own. 

 So yesterday, I put my whole blog post 

where the title was supposed to be. I never saw

the gigantic space below and wondered, “Oh, maybe

the small space is for the title and the large one is

for the text.” Duh. (though I kinda liked the post

being in big blue letters)

Lesson One.

And looking at my dashboard thing (and feeling like

I’m in a new car from 2050, staring at all these

buttons and scared to push one because the

whole thing will implode), I have to remind

myself that even though I could never get the

hang of cross-stitching(not even when motivated

by the fact that my daughter received a butterfly

kit for Christmas one year), blogging is not the

same thing as cross stitching. One, there are no

needles or thread.

Someone, please, tell me that

learning to navigate my blog is not as complicated

as cross stitching. Otherwise, I might really have

to rethink blogging (because the butterfly never

got its wings).

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