Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever.

When we’re young ‘best friends forever’ means sleep-overs and giggling fits. It means making forts and having adventures.

In elementary school, someone can become our best friend after one shared experience. A fun time at recess. Or maybe that friend has a huge stash of barbies at their house. A common interest.

We move onto middle school. And some friendships fade and some grow. It means talking about boys and crushes and training bras. It means making a costume so you have to walk around in a box all day in school together, so getting to class and sitting in the auditorium is impossible.

It means private talks and staying up all night.  

And through those private talks and sleep-overs we catch a glimpse into each other’s lives. The not so good part. The part that we hide from most of our friends. The part we’d rather not anyone know – not even a best friend. But it happens anyway.

Through happy and not-so-happy times true best friendships are born. Sometimes we fight. We don’t see things the same way. We make mistakes and hurt each others’ feelings. Because we aren’t perfect. And eventually, the side we’d rather not anyone know about comes through, and we say we’re sorry. And we forgive.

But sometimes friendships, even bestfriends, don’t last. As we grow older and move on to college and then marriage, we grow apart. We aren’t able to forgive and move past. But we never forget.

But sometimes, if we’re really lucky, a best friendship lasts. Through the good times. Through the hard times. Even knowing that the other person understands all about our disfunctional family from childhood and knows all our faults. We’re vulnerable, unprotected. And sometimes that makes us uncomfortable.

Other times, it means we have someone to cry to, even if it’s on the phone. Someone who understands why we are who we are. Someone we can share our fears and dreams with. Someone to laugh with in the times of blessing.

Other best friends enter our life at the same time. But none is the same as the one forged in the fires of childhood. Each one is special. Each one is different. 

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. Some for a season. Some forever.

Best Friends Forever.

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    Thank you.

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