(Sounds best when singing along to the actual Josh Groban song, trust me!)

**DO NOT SING THE PART IN ITALICS.** (You can try if you want.)


Baby is napping,  fingers madly typing, words are spilling, like tears from a baby. (not mine of course.) 

I’ve been dreaming, but not since second grade. (many writers knew their career path at the tender age of 7. I was still worrying about how not to eat the canned peas placed on my plate at dinner time.) 

But word by word, I’ve, Had my craft to learn. (Supposedly it takes a million words before you stop writing crap, so I’ve heard.)                                                                                

When it seems the muse has slipped away, I find it all again on my first page. (Not typically on a first draft-first page though, more so on a revised version.)   

Believe in what your heart is saying, Hear the words inside you beating. There’s no easy way. There’s so much you want to say.

Believe in what Strunk and White says inside, And give your plot the words to fly. You have all the Maas books to read,  (I believe there’s a new one each year.) If you just believe.

Laundry is calling, Cheesecake is burning. (Okay, I’m lying. Cheesecake is way too complicated. Especially when I have visions of boxed brownies dancing in my head.) Presents needs wrapping. (Do I wrap the stocking gifts or not? Hmm.) Like my rugs needs vacuuming. (Especially since my vacuum cleaner spits out more dust than it picks up.)                              

My kids have been dreaming, (of getting a DSI – yeah, right. Maybe next year.)  Since they got off the bus. For snacks and drinks since, they claim they are starving. (Okay, they might be a little hungry.)

When it seems that life gets in the way, Remember that your family takes first place.         

Believe in what your words are saying, Trust in your plot layering. (Not the same thing as a 3 layer cake, which by the way, I’ve never been able to manage. All I can do is a lopsided 2 layer cake.)    

There’s no easy way. The house needs cleaned today. (Actually, yesterday, but today fit better with the song.)

Believe in what agents’ blogs say inside, And don’t send gifts or chooocolate. (Even brownies from a box.)

Believe in what your book says inside. And let your query fly.  (Okay, I’m getting tired. Just repeat this line several more times, taking out words each time, until you are down to — just fly.                                 


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