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Holly Hart solves another murder! 99cent release!

Summer is flying by. Way. Too. Fast. Can we agree on that? (Thanks!)

I love summer. I love having my kids home. I love the relaxed pace. I love not making lunches at the crack of dawn. I love reading at the lake, watching the setting sun sparkle on the water. All of this. Even if it means my writing and publishing takes a back burner. That said, I had these Holly Hart mysteries ready to go!

And, it’s time for book 3. Frosted on the Ferris Wheel. It’s at a preorder-soon-to-be-live-if-it’s-not-already price of 99 cents! And here it is!

Also for a short time, Deadly Independence is at 99 cents too! Grab both before they go back to their normal price!

Amazon (Free for Kindle Unlimited!)


In case you want a yummy chocolatey dessert. I made this one recently. M&M Chocolate Oat Bars. Though originally found at Lil’ Luna, I needed to double the oat mixture part, because it didn’t coat the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Here’s my version!


Hope you’re enjoying these last dwindling days of summer. Read any good books? Discovered any new recipes? I’m always looking for desserts and easy dinners!

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A cozy mystery release and a sale!

Lots of news! I survived the release of my new cozy mysteries into the world. Footprints in the Frosting has been out a month and Deadly Independence just released at the introductory price of 99 cents. Just for you.

Not only that but for less than a week both books are priced at 99 cents! The time is counting down to when they’ll be back at full price. Grab them while you can!

Purchase on Amazon


The Fourth of July means cookouts and celebrations. While selling cheesecake tortes at the fireworks–despite the fact that Holly’s nemesis, Millicent Monroe, steals the show with over-the-top gimmicks–Holly rescues a napping lady from a stray firework.

Except Agatha Poppleton wasn’t napping–she’s dead.

With the help of her friends, and her dog, Muffins, Holly sneaks in some sweet revenge while solving the murder. She realizes it might have been a mistake to hide her plans from the handsome Officer Trinket when she comes face to face with the killer.

More Holly Hart cozy mysteries are lined up for this summer and fall. Sign up for newsletter to stay up on new releases and to receive a free Holly Hart mystery–Murder with a Slice of Cheesecake.

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A new cozy mystery release! Huge giveaway!

Well, launch day finally came! Woo hoo! After many days of writing, editing, and formatting, Footprints in the Frosting is live on Amazon. For now, it’s only for sale on Amazon through Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited.

Download Footprints in the Frosting now!

I have a huge giveaway starting today. The winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card! My way of saying thanks for helping to spread the word on my new book! The rafflecopter is below! Included is a paperback giveaway on Goodreads!


 And don’t forget that by signing up for my newsletter, you’ll receive Murder with a Slice of Cheesecake!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Footprints in the Frosting by Laura Pauling

Footprints in the Frosting

by Laura Pauling

Giveaway ends May 27, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to Win


Thank you so much for helping me spread the news about Footprints in the Frosting!

Below is the rafflecopter. Or click here. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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How to write a cozy mystery! (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of this somewhat humorous take on writing cozy mysteries. You can read part 1 and part 2 in case you missed them.

I have a special offer today. The first Holly Hart Cozy Mystery has been published! If anyone would like to read Footprints in the Frosting and be part of a review team, you can sign up here. I’ll send you the ebook file, and if you could post the review on Amazon that would be fantastic! Or you can purchase it now!

Join the Review Team Here!




So along with a fun-loving sleuth, yummy food (usually a dessert) a cute pet, a murder (of course), a handsome cop, and a trouble-making antagonist, here are the next three.

7. Must have a sidekick, usually quirky.    CHECK

Holly meets her quirky sidekick, an older woman named Charlene, early on in Footprints in the Frosting. Charlene is a tough nut and will always tell Holly the truth whether she wants to hear it or not. Most detectives, including amateurs, have sidekicks. Honestly, I truly think it’s so the sleuth has someone to get into trouble with. 🙂

8. Must have humor.    CHECK

Okay, I’m not sure humor is a hard and fast rule, but cozies are cozies for a reason. When we’re talking death and motive and suspects, sometimes the reader needs a little breather, a little comic relief. For Holly Hart, this comes in the form of her antagonist. Holly also runs into her early on in the first mystery. These scenes have been so much fun to write.

9. Must have a wide cast of characters.    CHECK

Holly lives in a small town. She’s not an island unto herself. By the end of the first mystery, Holly has formed her tribe, her gang of sleuths. Together, they solve the mysteries. For Holly, this includes the handsome cop, Trent Trinket, who doesn’t want her getting involved in police business. And to that we say, “Of course.” Just another source of romantic tension. You’ll meet all of them in Footprints in the Frosting.

So, if you’re interested in joining the review team–then sign up here!  Or download now!

Thank you! What other must haves have you seen in cozy mysteries? Please share in the comments.

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How to write a cozy mystery! (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this mini series of tongue-in-cheek posts on how to write a cozy mystery. Click here to read part 1.

Again, this is a blog series to introduce the Holly Hart Cozy Mystery Series releasing in early May. Thanks for stopping by!









Click to receive a free copy!                                                                                Purchase now!




4. Must have a murder!   CHECK

This should be obvious, right? Cozy mysteries involve an amateur sleuth solving a murder. But in a cozy, it’s not your typical murder. Get fun. Get creative. I’ve seen bodies in snowmen. Bodies in ice cream freezers. Poison is a popular choice. Do you see a pattern? Readers who love cozies like that there isn’t a gruesome, gory murder scene–at least not described in graphic detail!

5. Must have cute cop!    CHECK

Of course if there is a murder, there will be a detective. Usually, this detective is single, good-looking, and is annoyed that the amateur sleuth is nosing around! Since a cozy doesn’t have to follow romance tropes, I like that the cop is attractive based on looks and personality. A normal guy. In a normal town. I mean, without the cop, how will our amateur sleuth get inside information? Often the detective and amateur sleuth date, but not always.

6. Must have an antagonist!   CHECK

You might think I mean the murderer when I say antagonist. I don’t. I mean a character who gives our amateur sleuth lots of trouble. Lots of room for humor here. Someone who is competing in other ways, either for the attention of the cop or in business. I mean our sleuth doesn’t sit around solving mysteries and that’s it. No, she usually works. Something with food or pets is highly popular…and for good reason.

And that concludes Part 2! Part 3 coming next week!

Don’t forget to sign up for newsletter and get your free book today!

Murder with a Slice of Cheesecake.

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