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Children’s Author Blog Hop!

Welcome to the blog hop. Joyce invited me to participate, even though I’m more than a few days late! 🙂 Joyce is a good friend and the talented author of the older YA House of Girls and the middle grade novel, The Casting.


What are you working on right now?

As I finish up publishing my Circle of Spies Series – Vanishing Point (a novella) and Twist of Fate (book 3) will be out in October – I’m plotting and prewriting for a contemporary YA. That’s all I can say because nothing is set in stone yet.

How does it differ from other works in the genre?

It differs from my spy books in that it’s not about espionage or set in an exotic city in a different part of the world. Well, I can’t say that there won’t be any elements of spying in it, but the main character will not be a spy. I’m excited to start on something new.

Why do you write what you do?

I love a good mystery, secret, or impossible challenge for the main characters when reading, so I usually end up incorporating one of those elements into my writing.

What is the hardest part about writing?

This one is easy – not having enough time in a day! J

 Here are the two wonderfully talented authors, I’m passing the baton onto! 

Laura Diamond is a board-certified psychiatrist and a multi-published author of YA, MG, paranormal, dystopian and horror.









ENDURE (Book One of Endure Series)
YA Dystopian
Etopia Press
July 2013

Immortality ends with a few drops of blood…

Seventeen-year-old Justin’s anemic blood is a blessing. Or a curse. It all depends on who you ask.

In the Post-Collapse world where the immortal Vie lord over the rapidly diminishing humans, Anemies like Justin and his sister are rabidly sought after. Their blood is a drug—and a scourge. Justin’s blood causes the Vie to age—a priceless hope for the Earth’s downtrodden humans.

When Justin’s sister is kidnapped by the Vie, he strikes a deal with the human resistance, but they’re nothing more than a cult with delusions that a messianic Anemie will free them all. They believe that person is Justin. Justin thinks they’ll need someone a lot stronger than an anemic kid who can’t run twenty feet without getting dizzy. Between saving what’s left of humanity and saving his sister, Justin can’t decide which will get him killed first.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble



E.L. Bates is a writer located on the north shore of Massachusetts. A storyteller from the time she could talk, as soon as she learned to write she began putting her stories down on paper and inflicting them on the general public. Stories of magic and derring-do have been her favorites from almost as young. She is a firm believer in Lloyd Alexander’s maxim that “fantasy is not an escape from reality; it is a way of understanding reality.” Also, it’s a lot of fun both to write and to read.

With two children at home, most of her time these days is spent in writing living epistles. Between those and the pen-and-ink stories, there isn’t much time for anything else, but when she gets the chance, she enjoys quilting, reading, and hiking in the beautiful mountains of New England. Magic Most Deadly is her first published novel.

You can find out more about E.L. Bates via her website, www.stardancepress.com, or on Twitter as https://twitter.com/ElouiseBates, or through her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elbateswriter


Dorothy L Sayers meets Diana Wynne Jones in this exciting debut novel by author E.L. Bates. Magic, murder, spies, and adventure come together in …

 Magic Most Deadly

For Maia Whitney, life after the Great War is dull, monotonous, and drab. Nursing soldiers in the bloody fields of France hadn’t been easy, but it was better than life at home, standing in her sisters’ shadows. There seems no chance for a change until the night she witnesses a murder in the woods.

The last thing Magic Intelligence Agent Lennox Davies needs is this outspoken, independent lady crashing his investigation. Bad enough that a murder happened on his watch; much less that she had to see it happen. He works alone, and he does not have time for Miss Maia Whitney’s interference.

But as Maia’s own magical talent blossoms and danger thickens around the two with every step they take, before long Len and Maia must rely on each other in a fashion neither has ever done before. If they can’t learn to work together, England itself might topple. Even worse, if Maia doesn’t learn to control her magic soon, she might do more to destroy them even than their shadowy enemy.

Can they set aside their stubbornness and self-reliance in time to save themselves—and all England?

Goodreads – Expected publication is September 30th!

Thanks to Laura and E.L. for joining in on the fun!


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Indie Life – We all need encouragement!

Welcome to Indie Life, a blog hop, started by the Indelibles where Indie authors share a bit on the life of being a self published author!

It doesn’t matter what road to publishing you travel or how you decide to publish. All authors and writers are in this together. We all want to feel encouraged during the down times, to keep pushing through and writing regardless of bad news. We all need to stay realistic even after we’ve reached our goals. In a total contradictory way, we need to keep dreaming and putting out hearts into our stories. We need to love writing and continue to with every story premise we decide to write.

My short and simple message is – be encouraged! Wherever you are on the journey, you can do this!

On that note: Indiestructable is a compilation of essays from Indie authors, sharing their tips, their thoughts and their encouragement. All the profits go to the charity, Build On.

Here’s a guest post by Jessica Bell, the editor.

The day I realized I’d been obsessing over my sales figures way too much was the day I closed my eyes and tried to think about the real reason I am an indie author.

Is my primary goal to make money? No. So why do I keep obsessing over my sales stats? I realized it’s because more sales means more people reading my work. What I really really want is to be read. I want to share the one thing in this world I would cut my fingers off for. I know. If I didn’t have any fingers, I wouldn’t be able to physically write, but you know what I mean.

My passion for writing comes with a perpetual replacement button, attached to my side seam, just in case it becomes unraveled, and falls off, after a day gallivanting through the publishing jungle. It can be tough in there, but in the end, being an indie author is OH SO WORTH IT.

This made me wonder …  what’s everybody else’s story?

Then Indiestructible was born.


This is not a how-to guide. This is the best of the indie tradition of experienced authors paying forward what they’ve learned, giving you information to help you on your journey. The personal essays in this book will leave you itching to get your work into the hands of readers and experience, first-hand, all the rewards indie publishing has to offer.

Not only is this anthology packed full of interesting, unique, and genuinely helpful information, and totally worth the 99c (only 99c!!!), 100% of proceeds will be donated to BUILDON.org, a movement which breaks the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education.

Pretty amazing, huh?

What are you waiting for?

Buy Indiestructible—support the indie author and an amazing charity—TODAY!


 Thanks everyone! Click back to the Indelibles blog for more Indie Life posts!


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The why of changing covers.

It wasn’t until I started on the publishing venture, it wasn’t until I published book 2 in my spy series, it wasn’t until I was a few months away from releasing a novella and book 3 (Fall 2013) that I understood why publishers change covers for the paperback, or even the hardcover halfway through a series. (As annoying as that is for readers.)

When I started self publishing, I had a limited budget. I knew covers were important, so I hired a designer. Problem was – I wasn’t completely happy with my paid cover. As my first time working with a designer and planning for a book release independently, I’ll take the blame for that. But money for that was used up.

So I spent hours creating my own, learning the ins and outs of Photoshop. I don’t regret that one bit because the skills I learned have been invaluable, and I continue use them with headers, photo teasers, badges…etc.

But, heading into my third book, I had money earned from profits to invest in a series of branded covers for my spy series. And with the release of the novella and book 3 – the time was now.

With no further ado, here they are!


I left the old ones on the sidebar so you can see the differences. They’ll soon be changing. And I’ll soon be revealing the covers for Vanishing Point (novella) and Twist of Fate (book 3). Both to be released in the next couple of months.

And with other news, Heist will be on a book blitz tour with Xpresso Book Tours. Feel free to sign up to receive an ecopy to give away on your blog, and your choice of a guest post or excerpt. You can post between September 9th-19th.

Have their been any cover changes you haven’t been happy with? (I’ll admit it’s annoying when I planned on purchasing the print version of the series, but often times, I agree that the cover change was a good thing.)

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Finding Inspiration and awesomeness.

Summer ending is bittersweet. For what seems like a brief moment, I’ve had my kids back, away from the daily influence and pressures of academic and social life. I’ve enjoyed spending time with them, even though at times, I couldn’t do enough to entertain them. As summer heat fades way too soon, I see they are ready to go back. Already, fall activities are creeping into our schedule.

Bittersweet for me.

Even though I’ve squeezed in work in the early morning and late at night, it’s goodbye to relaxed evenings and lazy mornings. Soon I’ll be back to making lunches at 6 a.m. when I can barely function.

In just another week, the kids will be gone, and I’ll be starting new projects while finishing up older ones. As summer ends, I’m finding inspiration, encouragement and exitement.

1. I’m proofing the young adult Real Girls Don’t Rust Steampunk Anthology, edited by Jennifer Carson. She’s my friend, critique partner, and an editor at Spencer Hill Press. She has an amazing eye for good work.

2. Karen A. Hooper paid for a Bookbub ad for Taking Back Forever. Watching her book skyrocket up the charts made me realize anything is possible and the sky’s the limit. Same with Sue Quinn’s serial: The Debt Collector, which is sitting on my Kindle, taunting me with its wonderful prose and gritty characters.

3. I’ve seen Indie friends sign with agents and court publishers, though that doesn’t seem as paramount to their success as an author.

4. I’m excited for Christina Lee’s New Adult debut, All of You, release this fall.

5. My blogging friend, Stina Lindenblatt signed with an agent and penned a book deal.

6. My crit partner and friend, Kris Asselin signed with agent, Kat Rushall.

7. Magan Vernon released a YA contemporary romance, Life, Love and Lemons, which I can’t wait to read.

8. Leigh T. Moore revealed her cover for Watercolor, the third book in the Dragonfly series.


I know I’ve forgotten someone or something, but there’s a lot to celebrate and encourage me as summer ends and I head into another season of writing and publishing.

What inspires you? Share a friend’s or your good news in the comments!

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Indie Life – Self publishing middle grade.

Welcome to Indie Life, sponsored by the Indelibles. This is a monthly blog hop where participants focus on anything and everything to do with self publishing.

Join in the fun!


Have you wondered about self-publishing middle grade?

I have. A lot.

My first love is a great story – for any age.

But I love reading and writing middle grade. I’ll be honest. I’ve been a little hesitant about self publishing middle grade. It does seem to be tougher…but not impossible. And let’s face it. Any kind of publishing is hard work.

There are many middle grade writers though who have self published their middle grade works. Some have found great success. Melanie Marks and The Slumber Party Wars. Sybil Nelson and Priscilla the Great. Marcus Emerson and Diary of a Sixth Grade Ninja. Just to name a few.

My friend and critique partner, Ansha Kotyk self published her middle grade novel, Gangsterland about a boy falling into a comic book set in the 1920s. Pretty cool stuff.

Recently, a group of self-published upper middle grade or tween authors formed a group similar to the Indelibles. They call their blog Emblazon. Their blog launches today and I believe they’re running a huge giveaway. You might want to check them out.

As for me and middle grade? I’m still debating. Maybe someday.

So what say you about self-publishing middle grade? Have any good book recommendations?

Head back to the Indelibles to find the links to all the posts!

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