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A is for Aaaaaaaagh!

That scream went through my head after I added my name to the already 500 bloggers signed up for this A-Z challenge.

Holy blogfest I’ve never posted every day. So the idea was/is a little bit intimidating. I waited over a month before signing up.  #i’mawimp

But the competitive nature in me spoke through the doubts. I wanted the challenge of posting everyday and keeping it short and sweet like cupcakes, which are one of my favorite desserts.   #eatcupcakeseveryday  #thingsyoudidn’tknowaboutme

That being said some of our best writing happens when we have to be creative within limits. So, yeah, let’s do this.

Being the plotter that I am, I came up with a game plan.

  • Keep it under 200 words.
  • Stay true to my theme of exploring writing tips.
  • Reveal the dark and shady side of myself to old and new friends.
  • Make new friends.

And I’m not sure what my dark and shady is but it sounded good.

So, do you sign up for blogfests on a regular basis? Which ones have been your favorite?

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